Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-purchase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I have never made a website before. Are your themes easy to install?

Yes, absolutely. Each theme comes with a “readme.txt” file, which is a short (usually under 5 step) process outlining how to configure your theme. However, You will need to be able to install WordPress before being able to use our themes. This requires some technical knowledge. We encourage you to install WordPress before purchasing a theme.  Once you have purchased a theme,  upload the unpacked files to the /themes/ folder under your wordpress install, and click “activate” from the admin.

How can I edit my logo / telephone number?

Some of our themes use images to embed your logo or telephone number add style to your website. All files include the original Photoshop file so you can edit the logo or graphic file. If you do not have photoshop you can use other photo editing software, or you can hire us to edit these files at a rate of $35/hr.

How do I download a template?

Please check our website for a practice area that applies to you, or a general legal theme that can apply to multiple areas of practice. below each theme is a button to ‘buy now’. Add the item to your cart. Complete the checkout process and look for an email with a link to download your theme.

Can I use this theme on

NO. Do not purchase this theme if your website is hosted on will not allow you to import custom themes such as ours. We wish it weren’t so.

Post-purchase / Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I change the photos or fonts in a template?

Almost any template can be purchased for any area of practice and modified to suit your needs by replacing the photo(s) to reflect your area of practice. Visit our photo database to select a new image. Fonts can be edited in your stylesheet (style.css). Basic coding knowledge is required to change the fonts.

How do I buy a domain name?

We do not sell domain names. we want YOU to own your domain name, as you will have the ability to keep this domain as an investment for your firm and retain it for as long as you wissh, so long as you renew it yearly. Domains can be purchased via , and via other websites. If you do not already have a domain name, try to chose a name that is short and without dashes (-). If possible, chose a .com or a .net extention; avoid unpopular extentions as your clients may not remember it and find themselves on someone elses website. Your domain name should be a combination of either your name or practice area and your location. A good idea for a domain name might be or