Internet Marketing

Now that you have a website, how will you promote it?

Websites can be promoted both online and offline. You can add your domain name to your business card and direct mail pieces, direct customers to your website by word-of-mouth, or add your domain name to a billboard or print advertisement. However, marketing your website on the internet can help drive clients who may already be looking for an attorney with your expertise via search engines on the internet. How can you take advantage of these potential future clients?
Search Engine Marketing

When an individual needs an attorney, they used to turn to the yellow pages – but more an more often they are turning to search engines to find an attorney and to get even more information about the attorney they are about to hire. Individuals looking for an attorney are most likely to select one of the attorneys they find on the first page of a search engines results; this is usually ten results, and that means ten competing attorneys. If you are not on the first page of Google or other search engine, you will most likely be out of the race from the start. Getting your website on the first page of search results is essential to attracting new clients.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”…

Getting on the first page of search results doesn’t mean you will automatically get every new client looking for an attorney with your expertise. A well designed website, professional content, and helpful information can make the decision easier for potential clients to give you a call and start building a new relationship. Offering potential clients something different from your competition can set you apart and help clients remember you; this might be something as simple as…

Offering legal forms or links to these forms from your website
Offering examples of previous results you have achieved for your clients
Providing a “Frequently Asked Questions” page to address simple questions
Taking and answering anonymous questions via your website
Offering links to other related service providers; ie, a real estate lawyer may want to recommend a real estate agent, mortgage company, inspectors, etc.
Offering services and/or information in multiple languages

Lastly, converting these potential clients into actual clients will be up to you. Be sure that you or your secretary are making potential clients who call feel that they are valued. A few tips;

Return calls QUICKLY, as they are most likely calling your competition as well
Address the potential client by name
Let them know they called the right attorney and that you can help them
Remember that this may be the first time your potential client has contacted an attorney and is unfamiliar with the process. give them a brief idea of what to expect; when they will be meeting you and what you will be doing for them
ASK the potential client how they found you – via phone book, internet, print ad etc.

After developing a relationship with the client, don’t be afraid to let them know what other services you offer and ask for them to refer friends or family if they need an attorney.
Getting on top of search results

You know what you need to do – get on top of search results. How can you do this? You can learn SEO (search engine optimization) and manage your own ad campaigns, or you can hire someone to do it for you. SEO is like any other service – if you spend time and practice, you can become an expert – just like plumbers, tailors, electricians, and other service providers. However, most attorneys value their time and can put a monetary value on it, which is why attorneys usually find value in outsourcing SEO and internet marketing services. is owned and operated by Sequoia Legal Marketing. Sequoia Legal Marketing offers internet marketing services to small law firms and solo attorneys across North America. As a client of Sequoia Legal Marketing, you will be assigned an SEO specialist who will address your needs and can be reached 24/7 via cell phone. The SEO specialists at SLM are highly skilled trained with years of experience performing SEO for attorneys at larger firms like LexisNexis and Findlaw.

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